ANNOUNCEMENT — Focus 2014: highlights of Australian short fiction contents

LogoFableCroft is delighted to announce the contents of Focus 2014: highlights of Australian short fiction. The third installment of our annual Focus series collects an elite selection of work which has received acclaim via national and international Awards recognition. 

St Dymphna’s School for Poison Girls by Angela Slatter
Wine, Women and Stars by Thoraiya Dyer
Vanilla by Dirk Flinthart
The Legend Trap by Sean Williams
The Seventh Relic by Cat Sparks
Death’s Door Café by Kaaron Warren
The Ghost of Hephaestus by Charlotte Nash
The Executioner Goes Home by Deborah Biancotti
Signature by Faith Mudge
Cookie Cutter Superhero by Tansy Rayner Roberts
Shadows of the Lonely Dead by Alan Baxter

Focus 2014 will be available in ebook on all platforms in September.

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The long and the short: some reviews!

9780992553456While we were in Sydney over the weekend, attending the NSW Writers Centre’s Speculative Fiction Festival (see my Storify here), the Future Fire’s comprehensive review of Cranky Ladies of History hit the internet. Reviewer Valerie Vitale had some thoughtful comments, including: “…a collection of stories definitely worth reading … informative and very engaging on an emotional level. It is a fascinating and inspiring parade of great women…

Our most recent re-release, Glenda Larke’s Havenstar has also been getting some new love, with reviewers on Amazon saying things like: “Larke has created a fantastic yet thoroughly credible world…” and “I cannot recommend this book too highly.”

And I just came across this snappy review for Insert Title Here via Amazon, in which the reviewer calls the book: “literate and entertaining” 

The short ones are appreciated too, thank you readers!

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Reviews rolling in

Screen Shot 2014-09-13 at 9.55.45 amIt’s always a buzz when new reviews come in for our books, so I can’t quite believe I neglected to post about this first one for Phantazein from SQ Mag when it was published in April! Among other wonderful things, reviewer Sophie Yorkson says: Each and every one of the stories in Phantazein leapt off the page at me with a vivacity and clarity of storytelling. 

Thanks Sophie! And thanks also to reviewer Rivqa on Goodreads who said the book is: Beautiful and glorious. Stories to linger in the quiet corners of one’s mind.

9780992553456Stephanie Gunn reviewed Cranky Ladies of History for the Australian Women Writers Challenge, unpacking the book quite comprehensively and saying: …all of the stories in this book are excellent … I’d like to think that somewhere in the past, these women are looking up and thanking the authors and editors for shining a light on them in all of their glorious crankiness.

We also have not one but TWO reviews in the new issue of Aurealis magazine (#81). Deanne Sheldon-Collins looked at Cranky Ladies of History and notes that the book: showcases historical fiction, but touches of surrealism and folklore embrace the speculative nature of rewriting history.

ITH CoverDeanne also reviewed Insert Title Here, recommending that: If you want immersing but varied fiction, insert this title into your reading list.

Thanks Deanne!

As always, a massive thank you to every single person who takes the time to review one of our books, whether extensively or just a few sentences on Goodreads or Amazon etc – it’s so very appreciated!

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Monsterful announcement

I realised I neglected to make a formal announcement here about the status of the Monsterful anthology we announced earlier this year; Twitter and Facebook notifications were made, and the information removed from this site, but I didn’t actually post on the blog.

Regretfully, we have put the project on indefinite hold in order to focus on other books. Please see our submissions page for open calls. We still hope to bring the book to life at some stage, but now is not the right time.

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Reviews and Convention-going news…

Alex Pierce reviewed Cranky Ladies of History over at Goodreads and said so many lovely things, including (among a glimpse of each story in the volume): Look, it’s just great. A wonderful range of stories, of women, of styles, of close-to-history and far (but still with that element of Truthiness). Thanks Alex!

Tsana of Tsana Reads and Reviews also gave Cranky Ladies the thumbs up, saying: …interesting and fascinating are the two words that best describe this collection.

Guy Salvidge wrote a comprehensive piece on Epilogue for Bruce Gillespie’s SF Commentary #89, and noted that: It’s a testament to the strength of the Australian speculative fiction field these days that’s there not one weak story in the anthology…

Thanks to you all, and to everyone who takes the time to review one of our books – it is always appreciated!

Continuum table

Wonderful intern Katharine and I joined a large number of our favourite people in Melbourne for Continuum 11 last weekend. We had a great time, were on some panels, and enjoyed chatting with (and selling some books to) the con-goers throughout the weekend. In lieu of a proper con write-up, I did a Storify :)

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New reviews and a bit of news…

Screen Shot 2014-09-13 at 9.55.45 amRiver from Cherry Blossoms and Maple Syrup did a lovely little review of Phantazein, saying: My favourite story in the collection easily was The Nameless Seamstress by Gitte Christensen. Such a vivid and gripping story about a seamstress! Also Tansy Rayner Roberts did a story and it was also made of fabulous. Seriously, there’s some fantastic stories in this collection, and it’s worth checking out.

It was delightful to see a great review of Cranky Ladies of History over at Marianne de Pierres’ website, where reviewer A.V. Mather notes that the “contributing authors are as talented and diverse a group as you could expect to find in Speculative Fiction today” and that “What you have here is a treasure chest in which you will find a very eclectic collection of sharp and glittering delights…”

Thank you both, and to everyone who takes the time to review one of our books – it is most appreciated!

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that Cranky Ladies editors Tansy and Tehani will be joined by a number of the authors from the book to chat about various cranky ladies of history on a panel at the Continuum 11 convention in Melbourne this weekend! Our panel is at 6pm on Sunday June 7, but the whole program looks absolutely amazing! Tansy is one of the guests of honour at this convention, and will be talking herself hoarse on a bunch of great topics, and you can find Tehani on several other panels, or in the Dealer Room peddling books for most of the weekend. Hope to see you there!

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Announcement: Dirk Flinthart collection

Flinthart Author PhotoWe are very pleased to announce that we are currently working on a collection of short fiction by Dirk Flinthart, who readers of Australian spec fic will no doubt be familiar with.

Flinthart has written for many FableCroft projects, and in 2013 we published his original novel Path of Night; we are huge fans of his work and are delighted to be bringing you his debut collection.

His stories have been shortlisted for several national speculative fiction awards and his young adult piece, “Vanilla”, from Twelfth Planet Press’s Kaleidoscope anthology, recently won the Best Young Adult Short Story at the 2014 Aurealis Awards.

The as-yet untitled collection will comprise reprinted work from Flinthart’s extensive short fiction career, as well as several stories original to the book. We anticipate a release date in September 2015.

Some fans of Flinthart’s work may be hoping for some new Red Priest work – those fans will be somewhat disappointed, but only in the short term! We are not including the Red Priest stories in THIS book… Yes, you may read that to mean there will be a future project that expands on the Red Priest’s adventures, and we look forward to bringing it to you.

This year’s collection will focus on Flinthart’s stories for adult readers, and ranges across science fiction, fantasy and horror, with some wondrous and bizarre genre-bending ideas. From award-nominated horror and science fiction to new pieces of urban fantasy and SF and everything in between, Flinthart will take you on a wild and crazy ride – can’t wait to share it with you!

We are currently working on the final lineup and look forward to announcing it in the near future. In the meantime, want an idea of what you’re in for? Below is a semi-comprehensive bibliography of Dirk Flinthart’s publication history – would love to hear from anyone who as amendments or additions for the list! Please note this is NOT the table of contents for the collection! We’ll announce that as soon as we’ve figured out how to whittle down a huge and amazing list to a sensible number for the book!

Gaslight a go go AGOG! Smashing Stories
The Last Word 2012
One Night Stand AGOG! Ripping Reads
Eschaton and Coda After the Rain
The Fletcher Test Epilogue
Collateral Damage Insert Title Here
Outlines Damnation and Dames
The stars like candles ASIM 6
Parity Check ASIM 9
Fortitude Valley Station, 2:15am ASIM 18
Truckers ASIM 30
Walker Sprawl
The Flatmate from Hell Encounters
Granuaile Cranky Ladies of History
Sanction Amazon short
The Ballad of Farther-on Jones AGOG! Fantastic Fiction
Baited ??original publication? Was made into short film
Networking for Dummies The Workers’ Paradise
Once and Future King Darwin’s Evolutions (emag)
The Eighth Day Use Only As Directed
The Bull in Winter Bloodstones
Corpus Christi ASIM 11
Fairytale ASIM 12
Monochrome for two ASIM 20
Invictus ASIM 21
Head Shot ASIM 54
The Big One AGOG! Terrific Tales
The Red Priest’s Vigil ASIM 25
The Garden of the Djinn (Red Priest) ASIM 31
The Red Priest’s Homecoming ASIM 17
This is not my story ASIM 37
One Story, no refunds Shiny #6
The Best Dog in the World Worlds Next Door
Vanilla Kaleidoscope
Angel Rising (New Ceres) Novella
Debutante (New Ceres) New Ceres Nights
She Walks in Beauty (New Ceres) New Ceres #1
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Mother’s Day Special Offer for CRANKY LADIES OF HISTORY

9780992553456Enjoy your Mother’s Day this weekend with 30% off the Cranky Ladies of History ebook at Smashwords! Use the coupon code MH66D when you make your purchase at Smashwords.

Offer ends tomorrow!

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Rounding up the Cranky Ladies launch posts

I realised today that I hadn’t done a final round up of the blog post series our authors contributed during Women History Month to celebrate the launch of Cranky Ladies of History. So now I’m doing that, in one easy click post! Enjoy :)

9780992553456CRANKY LADIES OF HISTORY: A few notes on Nora (of Kelmendi)

CRANKY LADIES OF HISTORY: Juliet Marillier’s author notes for “Hallowed Ground”

CRANKY LADIES OF HISTORY: Elizabeth Tudor, last Queen standing

CRANKY LADIES OF HISTORY: Due Care with the Truth (Dr Lilian Cooper)

CRANKY LADIES OF HISTORY: Hatshepsut’s rise to power


CRANKY LADIES OF HISTORY: The Pirate Queen of the Connacht

CRANKY LADIES OF HISTORY: A story about the story you won’t see (and why that’s okay)

And don’t forget, we still have a Cranky Ladies of History Mothers’ Day Special running – a rare chance to grab a hardcover of the book, plus other offers!

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Open Reading Period: middle-grade/YA science fiction novels


Image via Pixabay

Image via Pixabay

From May 1, FableCroft Publishing will be conducting an open reading period for submissions of high-quality science fiction novels for a middle-grade and younger end of young adult readership (approximately covering 9-14 year olds).

We are explicitly not looking for dystopian stories; rather, we seek books with interesting extrapolations on our present world and/or challenging ideas (appropriate to the readership) about possible or potential futures.

We actively encourage work that explores or considers perspectives other than first world (ie: not typically the privileged, straight, white, male point of view) and are particularly keen to see premises that are not frequently seen in books for this readership.

Space exploration, alien and first contact stories are welcome but must have a strong scientific base to be considered.

Strong characterisation is essential, while overt violence or sexual themes are unlikely to be appropriate.

Works should ideally be between 20,000 and 60,000 words (depending on intended audience), unpublished, and not under consideration with any other publisher.

Open internationally to works written (or translated to) the English language.

Please send full manuscripts only as a Microsoft Word compatible document attached to an email containing a short author biography and publication history. Submit to fablecroft [at] gmail [dot] com

Please be cautious to only submit final, proofread copy – ensure you have checked all your edits and removed all track changes in your document.

No multiple submissions.

No simultaneous submissions.

Payment will be in the form of a small advance plus royalties for print and ebook sales.

We do not accept submissions via snail mail.

  • Please use a common reading font, size 12, with margins of at least 2cm.
  • Indent the first line of each paragraphs by 0.5 (approx 1cm – do not use tabs), and indicate section breaks with a centered “#”.
  • Indicate chapter breaks with a new page and a number or chapter heading.
  • Include name, address, phone number, email etc at the top of the document.

Submissions open on May 1, 2015. The open reading period will continue indefinitely at this point.

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