Happy 3rd Birthday to CRANKY LADIES OF HISTORY!

It’s a bit hard to believe that Cranky Ladies of History is turning three years old today! Tansy and I are so proud of this book, and so to celebrate, we are offering a 50% discount on the ebook across all platforms. Links below (if the prices haven’t changed by the time this post goes live, please persevere – it will happen but may take a little longer than we’d hoped!):

  • Hopefully the Amazon price change has kicked in!
  • At Kobo, fingers crossed the sale price will go live on March 8 IN AUSTRALIA – it’s a bit of a gamble, to be honest!
  • At Smashwords use the coupon YC22M to get 50% off – that’s available right now, for sure!

And of course, you can currently buy (limited stock!) of the paperback for just $10 (plus post)!

Happy birthday on International Women’s Day Cranky Ladies – and a big birthday shout out to all our amazing authors and wonderful artist Kathleen Jennings!

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