Coming soon: Revisiting Pern, the great McCaffrey reread

A few weeks ago, at Conflux, I happened into a conversation with the delightful Marisol and we discovered a mutual passion for Pern (among other things, like Doctor Who — Marisol is good people… 🙂 ). When she mentioned she really thought it was time she reread the series, I realised that although McCaffrey and Pern were definitely formative in my early years of reading speculative fiction (I talk about that in the SF Signal post on “The books that made us love science fiction and fantasy”), I hadn’t revisited the world for a really long time. So I suggested that not only should we both reread the books, but we totally needed to blog about that!

In the weeks ahead, Marisol and I will be chatting about our discoveries in the world of Pern as we work our way through the series once more. We’ve chosen to read only the novels (although we may have to take a look at one or two of the short stories, just because…), only the books written by Anne herself, and we’re going basically in publication order (as opposed to internal chronological order), as Anne preferred them to be read.

First up will be Dragonflight — join us so that you, like me, can be stunned by the fact this book was published almost fifty years ago…


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7 Responses to Coming soon: Revisiting Pern, the great McCaffrey reread

  1. Megan says:

    Oh my goodness. I am such a massive Anne McCaffrey fan. I’ve collected so many of her books. The Pern series is my favourite. I think my first book that I read of hers was, ‘The Ship Who Sang.’
    I am looking forward to following you and your reread journey.

  2. I am absolutely well overdue for a reread – are there epub versions to hand at all?

  3. fablecroft says:

    There are Kindle ones, so ePub probably also available 🙂

  4. fablecroft says:

    Thanks Megan! My biggest problem will be stopping at Pern, I think. The Tower and Hive series also beckon me…

  5. meganh38 says:

    I would have to start at, ‘To Ride Pegasus,” the first in the ‘Talents of Earth’ series. It just sets The Tower and the Hive up so well.

  6. fablecroft says:

    Yes, definitely 🙂

  7. Keith says:

    Mennoly (spelling) running the soles off her feet whilst outrunning the thread, that I remember!

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