How Does the Replacement of a Tooth Work?

Wouldn't you agree? When a bone is broken, it is still bearable. But when it comes to tooth problems, the tolerance level unexpectedly reduces. The stinging pain in the mouth can impact the overall health and mood of a person. 

Hence, when we say oral problems, it can vary from tooth decays to gum diseases. One may even have to undergo surgery if necessary.

Thus, the removal of a tooth can sound like a huge task. In this topic, we will be discussing the implantation of a tooth.

What is tooth implantation?

Dental implants are a common practice in today's time. It is the procedure of replacing a prosthetic tooth in the empty socket of a missing tooth. Thus, one undergoes surgery to get the fixture installed in the jawbone. Hence, this is called, the dental implant; the fixture then, later on, blends with bone in a period of a few months.

Moreover, known as the artificial tooth root, this dental implant firmly holds a tooth. Which; is also known as a bridge. However, by doing this process, the prosthetic tooth stands on its own. Perhaps, without affecting or taking the support of the nearby teeth. It feels like a natural tooth. 

How does it set with the jawbone?

The fusion between the artificial root and the jawbone is called, "osseointegration." The element titanium, is used for most dental implants Brisbane based dentists say that the duration required to complete the fusion may vary from one case to another. It may take around a few weeks to months, to effectively blend with the bone. Thus, the purpose of using titanium; is because the body accepts it immediately, without recognizing them as a foreign object.

According to the statistics, the success rate for dental implants is 98%!

When do you need a dental implant?

It is really difficult to chew and break down the food with a missing tooth. Therefore, the implantation of tooth or teeth takes place. Dental implantation can be done to one, many, or the whole set of teeth.

The goal of it is to restore the oral functionality effectively and, also maintain the overall look of the oral. Where you can smile without any restrictions now!

A patient has three options when they are considering the replacement of a tooth. 

Here are the three options:

  • Do a removable dental appliance
  • Fix a dental bridge
  • Do a whole dental implant

What is a denture?

A denture is the process of placing an artificial tooth in the mouth. However, it is different from dental implantation. As mentioned above, a denture is a removable appliance in the mouth. Indeed, it is an affordable solution for most.

Though, it is the least desired as it causes inconveniences. For instance, it gets removed while you are chewing food.  Besides, the denture also affects the taste and sensitivity of a person. Also, it does not feel like a natural tooth, and one is constantly being reminded of an artificial tooth present in their set of teeth.

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