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FableCroft Publishing offers bulk purchase, school and bookstore retailer discounts. Please contact the publisher for more information if you wish to purchase five or more copies or are a school or retailer.

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Rapunzel CoverI want to buy The Rebirth of Rapunzel: A Mythic Biography of the Maiden in the Tower

The Rebirth of Rapunzel


mocklore omnibusI want to buy The Mocklore Omnibus:

The Mocklore Omnibus


CLOH cover smallI want to buy Cranky Ladies of History:

Cranky Ladies of History


WNDCoversmallI want to buy Worlds Next Door:

Worlds Next Door



COVERamI want to buy Australis Imaginarium:




I want to buy After the Rain:




BoneChimeCoverDraftI want to buy The Bone Chime Song and Other  Stories:

The Bone Chime Song


OneSmallStepCoverdraftI want to buy One Small Step:

One Small Step


PathofNightCoverI want to buy Path of Night:

Path of Night


InkBlackMagicsmI want to buy Ink Black Magic:

Ink Black Magic


Guardian coverI want to buy Guardian:



PhantazeinCoverI want to buy Phantazein:



ITH CoverI want to buy Insert Title Here:

Insert Title Here

Striking Fire cover-1I want to buy Striking Fire:

Striking Fire (inc. postage worldwide)


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