Can Pizza be Healthy for You?
Aged, flavored, and improved day by day since the 18th century. Pizza, originally known as a poor man’s dish. It started to gain popularity amongst the rich only when the King and Queen of Naples tried an assortment of pizzas in 1861 during the unification of Italy. At its birth pizza was said to only be made with Mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, and basil, however as time passed, the dish evolved into what it is today.

It is no secret that pizza is the food darling around the world, but they also get a bad rep for being unhealthy. It is often associated with morbid obesity, is this label fair? The regular pizza contains high carbs, sodium, and calories, that’s true, but not all pizzas are the same. This article will review popular pizza types and recommend ways you can make them healthier.

Frozen Pizza

The national food of high school and college students. It’s cheap and easy to prepare. There are exceptions, and of course, it might largely depend on the toppings you choose but generally, frozen pizza contains high calories, carbs, and sodium. But that is not what makes frozen pizza unhealthy. It is the additives and preservatives that are in instant food. Since they are highly processed and contains unhealthy fats, it is somewhat wise to keep away from frozen pizza.

Fresh Pizza

We are talking about pizzeria-made pizzas. Again, largely depends on the toppings you choose. However, it is safe to say that they are much healthier than the frozen pizza alternative. This is because pizzerias make their dough from scratch, and they use very healthy ingredients such as wheat flour and olive oil. If it is healthy pizza that you are looking for then the search is over, learn more at takeaway pizza Yarraville. There is no need for preservatives because it from oven to table to tummy. Some restaurants even provide the customer with nutritional information as well.

Fast Food Pizza

Fast food, in general, can be an unhealthy choice and it holds true for pizza as well. They are more than likely to be high in fats, carbs, and sodium. Even more harmful are the additives that they use to make pizzas taste sweeter and colorful. From monosodium glutamate to corn syrup, these additives can really do a number on your health in the long term.

So, Is Pizza a Healthy Choice?

It is complicated and depends on the types of pizza but if we are talking about pizzeria-made fresh pizza with a certain combination of topping, then yes! It can be healthy. Especially certain recipes. Traditional pizzas with wheat flour, olive oil, tomato sauce, fresh cheese… first of all, yum! Second of all, that is a very healthy combination of ingredients for a pizza.

Pizzerias even offer pizzas that are consciously healthy, with traditional pizzerias leading the way. These pizzas are specially made with nutrient-rich, high-protein vegetables for health-conscious customers. You also have the option to make pizzas at home and that is by far the healthiest option because you have full control over all the ingredients that go in your pizza. And as always, portion control and other healthy practices like having a fiber-rich salad before your pizza can go a long way.

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