Common Dental Problems and Prevention

A smile lights up one’s face and is one of the most attractive features of a person. Whether it be a model or an actor or actress a smile is something they wear and their set of teeth is something they look after very well. One might wonder how they get such wonderful teeth it’s no secret that they do their best to keep them well by visiting a professional and taking care of them on their own

Oral hygiene and maintenance are not necessary only for the looks but for the overall health of the person. Some oral problems may indicate underlying problem.

Some oral problems are so common. They include:

Tooth decay/ cavities

Tooth decay or cavities occur when the surface of the teeth is worn off and which then lead to formation of holes in the teeth. Naturally there are bacterial in your mouth and they love to feed on sugar and starch, but what happens when one feeds on lots of sugar and starchy food is that the bacteria on the teeth to feed on this which eventually would result in the wearing out of enamel of the tooth. If it progresses it would lead to formation of holes in the teeth. In this case, you need to visit a dentist who will correct it by filling the tooth.

Symptoms presented when one has a cavity is pain when eating, tooth sensitivity, holes visible on the tooth, tooth ache. One way to prevent tooth decay is to avoid eating a lot of sugary foods and brushing your teeth after meals and flossing and drinking a lot of water.

Gum disease

This affects most of the adults usually around the age 35-44 years. This develops in three stages. First being gingivitis which is reversible if the problem is not addressed then it would progress to a serious problem called the periodontal disease which if not tended promptly would lead to an advanced periodontal disease which would lead to tooth becoming loose and falling off.

This condition in most cases goes unrecognized because with time they get used to the signs of the body like bad breath some of the signs and symptoms are bleeding of gums, bad breath coming from the mouth, swollen gums, tooth becoming loose. You can prevent gum disease by following a proper oral hygiene like brushing your teeth at least three times a day, paying a visit to the dental surgeon and cleaning your teeth.

Dry mouth

This is when there is no enough production of saliva this might be due to underlying condition and other reasons are smoking, medication, stress or aging and those receiving chemotherapy.

Some presenting signs are bad breath, dry lips, sores in the mouth. There is no definite cure for dry mouth but drinking a lot of water helps

These are some of the common conditions which can be kept away with following proper oral hygiene, staying away from sugary foods, stop smoking and drinking the required amount of water everyday.

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