Common Struggles of Children at School

Children at school face loads of challenges that are sometimes personal and unknown. The struggles some of them go through are real, and it becomes the responsibility of their peers and their family to identify and provide support.


Adjustment related issues are the most commonly faced by children at schools. They could be of any age when they face struggles adjusting to school and college environments. Babies, toddlers, older children, and teenagers can all have trouble adjusting to the surrounding environments at school.This isn’t only a problem that arises when a child is admitted to a new school or a new class.

A child who has been in school for years can still be subjected to frequents changes in the environment that makes it difficult for him or her to adjust to it. Adjustment problems can be quite serious and need to be looked out for and addressed at the earliest.

Fitting In

Fitting in may not exactly be the same as adjustment. Usually, this is an issue faced by older children and teenagers at school and college when it comes to associating with peers and making friends. A lot of children manage to find and make friends, and ‘fit in’ to the social atmosphere in school.

However, in some cases, children can find it difficult to blend with the type of people around them owing to personality problems, perhaps, and other reasons. This is very common in cases where children enter a new school. The inability to ‘fit-in’ can be frustrating and disturbing to the child, him/her stress and worry, which isn’t healthy in the long run.


When the struggles that children go through at school or at home are overlooked and left unaddressed, their problems can aggravate and get out of hand even before you know it. Children going through situations like the above tend to go through a lot of mental and psychological struggle which they sometimes won’t talk about, and may not even become apparent or noticed by those around.

Again, the way they cope with their struggles and their abilities to overcome the challenge can vary from child to child. Nevertheless, if they go unnoticed and are not addressed, the consequences can surely be damaging in the long run.

Addressing the Issue

Elders and peers have the responsibility ofcaring, helping and supporting children who may have different types of struggles, small or big. When a psychological and emotional struggle is noticed in a child, you might need to obtain the right kind of support from the experts.

Some of the matters may be beyond your understanding and is best referred to experts such as child psychologists, who can speak to and address the issue, no matter how complex. Look for child psychologist specialists in Perth and get in touch with the best people to have an issue that you know of addressed and dealt with professionally.

Parental Support

Parents and family play a huge role in helping children overcome the challenges that they struggle with. It is important to understand that there could be many reasons why children sometimes struggle with the simplest of things in life, and that it is un realistic to expect a child to think, respond, and act like you do, in a given situation.

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