Efficient and Effective Ways to Quit Smoking
One of the hardest habits to break is smoking cigarettes. It is not simply because the habit has been most likely built up for so many years and now it would be really hard to unlearn the habit, but rather it is most likely a mix of learned behaviour plus the idea that the chemicals at play are extremely addictive.

The nicotine substance in classical cigarettes is uncontrolled in quantity especially if the person is a chain smoker. So, for the idea of quitting many dread the idea because mostly are simply hooked and had no idea on when to start in terms of unlearning the behaviour. Here are some helpful ways to quit smoking.


For many who are trying out products and devices to quit the most common alternative is nicotine patches. With the patches, people who are addicted to the substance basically receive small amounts of nicotine via the epidermis thus it makes the cravings less and lesser as days go by because then the person will have learned to sate the craving by the small doses unlike the uncontrolled dose of the cigarettes. Patches help regulate the smoking behaviour by giving the brain what it craves for but in lesser volumes until it doesn’t feel the difference in amount until it is not there anymore.


Vape is basically and relatively healthier than cigarettes because first of all, it does not produce smoke but rather it produces vapours or aerosols which are inhaled by the user. The second thing that makes it great as an alternative for smoking is because the substances used in vaping are controlled.

Vape juice actually has a number of substances and chemicals in it but because of its mechanism, a vape is basically healthier because it controls the substances inhaled by the user, and also because of its battery mechanism the user has a built-in control on the duration of the time in using the device thus the habit is controlled.

Learn a Sport

Psychologists say that in order to unlearn something that is hard to forget and overcome one has to learn something new and that becomes something of a focal point for the person trying to forget a habit, an object, or a memory.

So, in application to overcome the bad habit of smoking, many specialists suggest that one has to adopt a new hobby one3 that requires not only time but also physical effort. Thus, learning a new sport as a hobby to commit to is one of the best ways to overcome the bad habit of smoking and turn one’s life around without much consequence or financial cost.


If all else fails or even if it has not even failed yet, if one feels that the burden to change and quit a habit or quit an addiction is too heavy and that it would be too hard as an individual person to bear alone, then one can opt to call a psychologist or a licensed counsellor.

It pays to ask for when. And it does not mean weakness when we seek professional help, the opposite is that it even requires more strength to acknowledge a problem and seek help than just ignoring it.

In every effort, it all boils down to the person if he or she is motivated and willing to change and if they are then change will eventually take place in their own time and in their own pace.

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