Good Sleep Hygiene and How to Ensure You Get Some
We all know the pitfalls of not getting enough sleep. From body aches and pains, feeling groggy, the inability to focus on our tasks and that overwhelming desire to just stay curled up in bed for longer. Not getting enough sleep each night can lead to a host of ailments that can impact your day-to-day work, health and lifestyle.

There are multiple behaviours and ways in which you can introduce a bedtime routine that will help you cultivate better sleep hygiene. Even little, seemingly insignificant things like scented candles Australia can promote restful sleep. Consider your options based on your individual needs and circumstances and start introducing them to your nighttime routine to see improvements over time. The trick is to cultivate a habit, so stick with the intention and the plan.

Let’s Look at Some Simple Ways to Cultivate Better Sleep Hygiene

The most important step to cultivating a good nightly sleep routine is to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day. You can allow yourself a 15-minute plus or minus but a routine will help set your circadian rhythm in motion. Once a habit is formed, you won’t even need a shrill alarm to wake you up or a reminder on your phone to tell you it’s time to wind down.

For those who feel some fatigue post lunch, take a walk in the sun to suppress melatonin (sleep hormone). Avoid daytime napping, even an hour can interfere with your night sleep routine, If you must have a siesta then, lie down on an easy chair and have a quick nap for no more than 20 minutes in the early afternoon, before 3 pm, so it doesn’t interfere with your nighttime sleep.

Your bed should be reserved for sleeping, avoid watching TV and using the computer and your phone in bed. Stop staring into electronic screens at least an hour before bed, instead reach out for a book and let that lull you into sleep. The blue light emanating from electronic screens is said to interfere with the body’s circadian rhythm leading to disrupted sleep. Not the best thing, when trying to build a healthy sleep routine.

There is adequate evidence to prove caffeine can interfere with sleep and make it difficult to get to sleep. So, drink your coffee in the morning and don’t reach out for sugary sodas in the evening either. Being disciplined with what you eat and at what time can impact your sleep hygiene in even minute ways and you want that when trying to build sleep discipline.

Arrange your bed and your bedroom to provide you with a quiet, restful setting to unwind in. Get rid of the clutter and keep it clean. Make it a point to make your bed upon waking up each morning, so that when it’s time to sleep you have a visually pleasing and comfortable bed to get into. Introduce calming music, scented candles, and a pillow spray to set the tone for a good night’s rest.