How to Maintain Good Hygiene?

Maintaining good personal hygiene not only benefits your own health but also creates a social impact. Taking care of yourself is fundamental in living a healthy life. 

The World Health Organization (WHO) has defined what taking care of personal health means. According to WHO, Hygiene is a combination of a few restrictions and practices to help maintain health. Thus, it prevents the spread of germs and diseases. Likewise, personal hygiene refers to one's body cleanliness.  

According to a study, up to 50% of deaths related to diarrheal diseases reduces with proper hand washing using soap and water. Hence, for a fact, many diseases spread through dirty hands, face or body. Besides, germs only dwell where there is poor hygiene.

How to take care of personal hygiene?

As mentioned above, poor hygiene only makes you more vulnerable to an illness. It is essential to maintain and take proper care of yourself, as it reflects on your physical and mental health.

Here, we have listed your one stop hygiene guides for a healthy lifestyle:

The various aspects of personal hygiene:

Oral Hygiene:

Dental hygiene is not only about white teeth, but maintaining them and the gums for strong oral health. It can prevent diseases such as tooth decay, cavities, and gingivitis. Good oral health can also stop the bad breath, known as, Halitosis. As per a study, most diseases begin by germs entering the body from the mouth.

Here, are a few dental quick tips

  • Brush your teeth twice a day.
  • Brush for 2 minutes at least.
  • Floss to clean dirt between your teeth.
  • After every meal, rinse your mouth.
  • Change the brush every 2-4 months.

Body Hygiene

Shower every morning, as it is a refreshing dose to your body. It keeps the body clean throughout the day and saves you from smelly body odour. For an effective shower, you only need soap and a loofah. The soap acts as a tool to eliminate germs, dead cells, and oils from your body.

One should also wash the hair at least twice a week. Shampooing your scalp, and conditioning your hair promotes healthy hair growth.

Maintain that glow!

Facial beauty is the most vital aspect when it comes to appearances. After a long day, when you touch your face, you will feel the greasiness. It is because of sweat secretion. Moreover, when that is combined with dust and other dirt particles, it only leads to pimples and pores. Therefore, one should frequently wash their face.

Hands Hygiene

Besides holding goods to exchanging cash, we basically use our hands to touch everything. According to studies, money notes have the highest number of bacteria. So, one must be vigilant to wash hands after touching anything. Mainly because the germs can quickly enter your body; for example, suppose you unconsciously touched your mouth, nose, or eyes. 

One should wash their hands:

  • Before and after having a meal
  • Before preparing or handling any food items
  • After petting an animal
  • After throwing the garbage
  • When you sneeze or cough on your hands

One must bear in mind; in this situation of Covid-19, keeping the hands clean and sanitized is crucial. However, there are other types of hygienic care, as well. 

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