How to Maximize Security with AI-Driven Surveillance Cameras?
The technological landscape is evolving every day and now AI or artificial intelligence is integrated into surveillance systems so that the way we approach security measures has revolutionised. There is high efficiency in AI-driven surveillance cameras and they come with advanced features for remote access and incident detection.

There can be a high rate of false alarms

When it comes to traditional surveillance systems. This can be triggered by swaying branches, animal movement or changing light conditions. But these issues are addressed in AI CCTV as complex algorithms are used to differentiate between human beings, animals and objects in a highly accurate manner. These cameras will use deep learning techniques to analyse the video streams in real time so that security personnel are alerted only when a person trespasses. This will improve the efficiency of security response.

AI-driven surveillance cameras also have advanced imaging capabilities so that they can capture and transmit video footage in full HD resolution. This allows a high degree of clarity and detail for security personnel to monitor areas even from a distance. And these come with powerful zoom capabilities and long range lenses so that the cameras can easily locate individuals from a distance. This will ensure optimal surveillance coverage which can improve overall security of an area or building.

Another issue faced by traditional surveillance systems

Is that the network can become overloaded especially if there are multiple cameras transmitting a high volume of data at the same time. But edge computing capabilities are leveraged by AI-driven surveillance cameras so that video analytics can be processed within the camera without putting a burden on the network infrastructure. This can minimise latency so that real-time responsiveness can be ensured. This also increases the reliability of AI surveillance. Individual cameras will process tasks so that network bandwidth usage can be optimised. This can help maintain an uninterrupted surveillance coverage without affecting the performance. AI-driven surveillance cameras also come with advanced features that further maximise security measures. They are able to detect and recognise specific events which is an ability called event detection. This is can be loitering, unauthorised access, perimeter breaches etc. The security personnel of the property will receive an instant alert when such an event occurs ensuring a prompt response.

There is cloud based storage

Offered by many AI-driven surveillance cameras and users can store their video footage remotely and access it the same way. These are subscription services and you can select scalable storage options, remote management capabilities, automated backups etc. in order to increase convenience. And the beauty of these systems is that you can control and access the cameras remotely using mobile applications or web based interfaces so that security personnel can monitor live video feeds, adjust camera settings and review recorded footage from anywhere in the world, provided that they have an internet connection. This is a great way to improve flexibility. And incident review and analysis is carried out by AI powered video analytics so that video footage can be automatically tagged and categorised based on predefined criteria. This makes it easier to search and retrieve relevant footage.