Importance of Mental Health and What Can Be Done?

Mental health encompasses our emotional, psychological and social wellbeing, it involves how we feel, think and act. Often, we are all concerned with physical health and as long as a person is physically healthy, we feel that it's good, although that is true and important, mental health should also be equally paid attention to.

Why Is Mental Health Important?

Mental health also affects physical health, sometimes a person who is not doing well mentally may not pay attention to their physical health and have a physical health problem, for example some may try engaging in drugs, and drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes which are going to lead to problems like lung diseases, liver diseases and even heart disease.

One who is depressed is unmotivated to do anything and also has loss of appetite, so they will be facing problems with undernutrition these are only few of the problems, this shows that for a person to be healthy, only physical heath is not sufficient, even the well-being of mind is necessary when defining health WHO defines it as a state of physical, mental and social wellbeing and not just the absence of ailment or infirmary, this shows the importance of mental health.

What Are Some of The Signs and Symptoms?

Different people have a different way of presentation, but mostly people show lack of motivation, loss of appetite, very low on energy, having difficulty in sleeping or even sleeping too much. In some patients those who are depressed are even seen to binge eating, have suicidal thoughts, cannot carry out any work, losingconcentration, have delusions, as if someone is always criticizing them or that their partner is cheating.

Hallucinations which can be auditory or visual, having bodily symptoms like headache, abdominal which cannot be explained physiological causes, yelling at family friends and isolating themselves, self-harming are some to list. So, if you come across these kinds of symptoms or see them in your loved one it's better to seek a psychologist in Caboolture.

What Steps Can Be Taken

Most people who are going through this may often isolate themselves and try to minimize talking about their problem, therefore talking to someone that you trust helps or if you see that your loved one is the one suffering from this, take slow steps towards them assure them that you are there for them and be with them.


Getting sleep when one is having a difficult time may be very difficult in these cases, trying some deep breathing exercises can help, avoid all those beverages and food that would disturb sleep and drinking calming tea like chamomile may help.


Exercising has shown to release important hormones that elevate mood like serotonin and dopamine therefore engaging in exercise helps, but rather than exercising at home, try doing it outside to breathe in fresh air.


Eating healthy is very important, eating healthy means incorporating all parts of protein, carbohydrates fats, vitamins and minerals which are really important to nourish the body and beat the fatigue and food have the ability to elevate the mood too.

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