What to Expect During a Prenatal Visit?

Keeping you and your baby healthy during pregnancy is a top priority. When you visit your obstetrician, there will be a series of medical tests and screenings to know the current condition of you and your baby as well. This process is called prenatal care.

Aside from monitoring both the mom and baby’s health, your doctor may also share knowledge about how to handle your pregnancy well and tips to keep yourself healthy for your little one inside the womb. If it’s your first baby, here’s what you could expect from your prenatal visits.

Prenatal Check-ups

Prenatal check-ups are scheduled regularly throughout the pregnancy. It is important that you go to the obstetrician during your scheduled check-up to monitor the health of your baby, the condition of your pregnancy, spot problems earlier and detect possible problems that may occur during delivery.

Typically, it is scheduled once a month from the 4th week up to 28th week. Then, 2 times a month for weeks 28 to 36 and once a week from 36 weeks until birth. However, those who have high risk pregnancy needs to visit their doctor more often than the regular schedule.

The doctor will check your overall condition to monitor the pregnancy. These include full physical exam, blood tests, breast or pelvic exam, cervical exam, and calculate your due date too. Your doctor will also conduct an interview regarding your lifestyle to know more about your profile. It is important to be fully honest in answering the questions.

Aside from checking the mother’s health, your doctor will also check the health of the developing baby inside the womb. These include checking the foetal heart rate, checking baby’s growth by measuring the abdomen, prescribing prenatal vitamins, and many more. Don’t hesitate to ask your doctor anything regarding your pregnancy to have full knowledge about it. If you’re looking for trusted obstetrician Werribee has some good clinics you could visit.

High-Risk Pregnancies

High-risk pregnancy doesn’t mean that there will surely be a problem along the way. It is a term used for pregnancies which have a greater chance of having complications due to some factors. There are several factors that might increase the risk of a pregnancy. Factors such as very old or young age, health conditions, and having multiples are just some of the few to mention.

Women who are under high-risk pregnancy category need to meet up with their doctor more frequently for better monitoring of the pregnancy. In some cases, you might also need to get prenatal care from doctors who are specially trained to handle your pregnancy conditions.

Having a high-risk pregnancy might make a pregnant mom worry about the baby inside the womb and the safety of the pregnancy. Your doctor will help you through this and give you tips on how to keep safe during your pregnancy. Always remember to avoid too much stress during this time since it can be harmful for your baby ad your health as well. 

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