Work Related Injuries and How to Avoid Them

No work is risk free, there are many types of injuries that are encountered and which can be prevented. It is important that necessary actions and steps be taken to avoid such injuries from happening. To create a safe environment is essential so that the workers can work efficiently and effectively. The types of injuries that occur can be divided into physical, occupational and repetitive stress injuries.

Physical injuries

Most common types of injury that occur are physical injury that includes slipping, tripping and falling. They are mostly associated with physical job that involves carrying, moving but it can occur almost anywhere. Slippery surfaces are encountered anywhere this may be because of a mopped floor, snow building up on the stairway or the entrance of workplace care should be taken or there may be very fatal outcomes and falls from high places; from a ladder can lead to limb injuries or twisting of leg or hand, this may not be life threatening but it can lead to serious damages.

These types of things can be easily avoided by taking precautionary measures and having occupational health consultants.

Some steps that you can take is when there is water on the floor have someone immediately cleanit off and if the surface is wet as a result of cleaning put up sign boards to warn the workers of the hazard, clean off snow, if you are laying rugs on the top or bottom of the stairs make sure you put up ones that are slip free, take proper caution when climbing heights, wear proper grip shoes so you don’t slip off.

When you climb hold onto something, to prevent tripping arrange the place neatly, declutter the place, keep all stuff to the side and leave the walkway free of any obstacles. If there are long cords of wire that one may trip tie it up and keep it to the sides or away from the place people walk. Fix proper lighting so people are able to see where they are walking, and if there isequipment that could be dangerous, have safety guards and educate the employees on how to use them properly

Occupational injuries

These are illnesses that you might contact due to your job or can be worsened due to your job, for example health care workers are in constant exposure to pathogenic organisms that they might contact and fall sick and people working in factories or construction sites there may be a possibility that you may develop asthma or silicosis. These types of injuries are much difficult to control and most you can do Is to stick to proper hygiene measures, cover the nose when working and taking medication.

Repetitive stress injury

This type of injury occurs when keep doing the same task over and over again every day, activities like typing, writing, holding tools. Some injuries that can be incurred are carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, bursitis, rotator cuff tendonitis. This can be avoided by taking a break and massaging and applying ice to overused area.

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